4.5 8 reviews
  • RD Kirkpatrick
    3 months ago
    Sonny is the best. Great guy. Very knowledgeable. He's the man.
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  • Jessica Cann
    a year ago
    My salesman, Jim, was probably the nicest car sales person I have spoken too by far. I didn't get the vibe that most sales people give off, just trying to get you into a vehicle for the sale. I don't know about the other people who work there, but I would recommend asking for him if you do go in. I have been trying to repair my credit for a few years and it's not the best but not the worst. My income cannot be fully verified also given I'm a bartender which posed a problem getting a conventional loan. The in house financing offers a really high interest rate but if you're looking to repair your credit you probably won't find better. Their cars are priced a lot higher than what they are worth and they tell you you need to put a hefty down payment on the cars. They don't offer much wiggle room on the prices if you ask. (How my experience went) Overall, the first car I looked at did not work out for me because of the price. Jim found a different car that fit my budget better and lowered my down payment which was nice. I got myself my first car at a decent price and I love it so far!
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  • Jack Haller
    12 months ago
    My wife and I really like their staff & service, they are very accommodating, clean facility , and communicate well. We have bought several cars from them and use their service department for all of our vehicles (5) highly recommend.
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  • Jeff Young
    a year ago
    Great service, great salesman, great people. Our salesman, Hutch, went all out to get us a car we wanted, not many will do that.
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  • Brett Coker
    a year ago
    Driving through town when my check engine light came on. Stopped in and Dave, Service Manager, helped me out and they immediately determined what the cause was (Oxygen sensor), replaced it and got me back on the road very quickly at a good price. Thanks Dave and Sean!
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  • Tammy Johnson
    11 months ago
    Very nice cars an sales people are nice too ! Got an car from here no problems!
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  • Chelsea Mckain
    a year ago
    Excellent customer service and great salesmen! I have always bought from private owners and thought that was the way to go, but after dealing with Butler Pre Owned and their awesome team I have a new light on car buying!
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  • Maryn Formley
    a year ago
    I have purchased two cars from BPO and what I appreciate most about them is that I was able to get decent cars for decent prices and the ability to finance through them.
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